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Announcement of Model ITEL Plus / 6000-KD Plus / 7000 Plus New Generation Gas Detector

MTI takes the opportunities and focuses on developing new products during these difficult years.

On March 29, 2022, they've announced the new series gas detector, which contains several Models such as ITEL Plus / 6000-KD Plus / 7000 Plus, etc. These new
series of gas detectors not only inherit and reinforce the technology and strength but provide new features on both software and hardware.

The New Function contains:
1. Multi-Point Calibration (Points 2 to Points 5) function available, enhancing the accuracy between each calibration interval.

2. 4~20mA Multi-Point Output Calibration function available (contains 4mA, 8mA, 12mA, 16mA, 20mA, total five points).

3. Plug and Play design for the Sensor Cartridge. More convenience for replacement and maintenance.

4. Providing three types of 4~20mA Output signal contains Source, Sink, and Isolated.

5. Withstand Voltage increasing to 30VDC / 5A or 250VAC / 5A for the dry contact.

Do not hesitate to contact MTI for more information if there are any further questions or interests in the new series product!!

  • New Products